Rob's yellow lab diamond engagement ring

What do you do when you can't find a yellow diamond ring that would be perfect for your bride to be?

Well you do what Rob did, and you design your own!

Rob's yellow lab diamond engagement ring

The story

Rob came to us specifically looking for a yellow diamond engagement ring.

Now, finding the perfect ring is hard for anyone, but when you want one with a yellow diamond, it becomes infinitely harder to find something off the shelf. Most jewellers just don't work with anything other than regular diamonds.

But we're not most jewellers! 

About yellow diamonds

You definitely won't see yellow diamonds every day, which is a tremendous shame because they look exceptional when paired with a white metal like platinum or white gold.

Yellow diamonds are formed just like other diamonds, but with higher amounts of Nitrogen being trapped in the carbon during the formation process. If there's only a small amount of excess nitrogen you'll get a pale yellow diamond which isn't particularly desirable (remember how important colour is in the 4 Cs!)

But every so often, the diamond will be flooded with excess Nitrogen, giving you a beautiful, vivid yellow diamond like Rob's.


These are incredibly rare, and even rarer depending on your cut, clarity and carat preferences, so we picked out an exceptional lab grown diamond and got to work on the ring design.

If you'd like to read more about lab grown diamonds, we have a full guide here!

The bespoke design process

When we sat down in the York showroom Rob really wanted to inject an element of Celtic design into the ring. So our resident jewellery maestro Claire hand sketched a concept which we then transformed into a CAD design.


After looking at the design mock-ups and making some small tweaks it was put in the hands of our goldsmiths to become a reality.

The ring

The ring we made for Rob is a platinum solitaire design with bespoke Celtic filigree mount. The gemstone is a beautiful 0.8ct lab grown yellow diamond in VS1 clarity.

celtic lab diamond engagement ring
celtic lab diamond engagement ring

What we love most about this design is how well the diamond and mount work together. The detailing on the mount naturally leads the eye from the band to the yellow diamond which sits high and proud.

It's something absolutely unique and a perfect match for Rob and his partner.

The reaction

The perfect ring deserves the perfect proposal, and Rob absolutely delivered here. His now fiancé said yes under the Northern Lights, so congratulations Rob!

And naturally, the ring was a big hit. It was always going to be when this much thought went into the design and crafting process.

Enjoy those good books Rob!

Looking for a yellow diamond engagement ring?

All our ethical engagement ring designs can be set with yellow diamonds or you can always do like Rob did and create a completely bespoke ring.
Why not get in touch and see how we can give you the perfect ring too?






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