• How much does a bespoke ring cost?
  • That's a very broad question, so we'll have to give you a fairly broad answer!

    A typical starting budget for a bespoke ring will start at £2,500 - £3,000. Naturally, there isn't much of an upper limit on price if you'd like bigger and or multiple gemstones.
  • How long does it take to craft a ring?
  • From your first appointment it usually takes 4 - 5 weeks for us to design and craft your ring. This period gives us enough time to source your gemstone and other materials, get them into the hands of our craftspeople and finally put your ring through our rigorous quality check process.
  • I can't wait! Can you create my ring quicker?
  • We know that sometimes our standard design time is a little to long, especially if just can't wait to pop the question!

    We can offer an 'express' service which cuts the lead time down to around 2 weeks. We charge an additional fee for this service which usually costs around £200 depending on your ring.

    This fee reflects the extra work and costs that go into the crafting process. Express orders are crafted outside of our usual process, which creates much more metal waste. Additionally diamonds need to be sourced and delivered to us quicker, which incurs higher fees.Get in touch if you need your ring as soon as possible and we can include this fee in your overall quote!
  • What gemstones do you offer?
  • Our most popular gemstones are diamonds. We offer both ethically sourced mined diamonds as well as lab-grown diamonds.

    If you haven't considered lab-grown diamonds up until this point then you should take a look at our comprehensive guide!

    Beyond diamonds, we can also offer coloured gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires if they are more to your taste. We have both natural and lab-grown versions available for all!
  • Where do your mined diamonds come from?
  • We can source diamonds from a number of different mines. For the majority of customers we decide on a mined diamond from ethical mines in Botswana, or a CanadaMark diamond from one of the Canadian diamond mines. We'll discuss these options with you during your design consultation.

    Every diamond we sell can be traced back to a mine of origin.
  • Where do you get your lab diamonds from?
  • All of our lab diamonds come from a factory located in the US that is actively working to become carbon neutral.
  • What assurances of authenticity does my ring have?
  • Every single diamond we sell includes a diamond certificate that verifies the quality of the diamond being sold to you.

    Most of our lab diamonds are certified by IGI, whilst our mined diamonds use GIA. You can read more about diamond certificates and the institutions that issue them here.
  • What metals can I use in my ring?
  • Our most popular options are platinum and variations of 18ct gold including white, yellow and rose gold.

    If you'd like to learn more take a look at our ring metals and finishing guide.