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Coloured diamond engagement rings

Want a splash of colour on your finger?

Every ring in our collection can be set with a coloured diamond. And our bespoke service makes it easy to create something unique which truly reflects your relationship.

If you'd like to learn more about coloured diamonds, we have all the information you need below!

Coloured Diamonds

Bold, brilliant and beautiful

Coloured diamonds have the exact same qualities as colourless diamonds.

They're just as tough as other diamonds and equally as beautiful. They simply have slightly different chemical composition that gives them their colour.

The science

How do coloured diamonds get their colour?

Diamonds are primarily made of carbon which makes up 95% or more of their chemical composition.

The more carbon a diamond has, the whiter it will be and the higher it will score in the colour grading scale.

A diamond scoring a colour grade of D is the highest and would contain over 99.9% carbon.

If there's a higher concentration of different elements in a diamond you'll start to see other colours form. The most common is yellow, which comes from excess Nitrogen.

Most of the time there isn't enough of these elements in a diamond to create an intense colour and the diamond ends up being quite dull and undesirable.

But every now and again conditions are perfect to produce a beautiful, colour filled diamond.

Nightingale Ring Stories

Rob's yellow diamond engagement ring

This celtic inspired bespoke piece was finished with a beautiful yellow diamond for Rob's partner. The cathedral style mount with custom celtic detailing really puts the unique yellow diamond on display.

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The practicalities

How much do they cost?

Just like regular diamonds, coloured diamonds vary in price depending on their quality.

However, coloured diamonds have an extra degree of rarity to consider which can make their price much higher.

Deep, vivid coloured diamonds are particularly rare, and their prices can be astronomical. As an example, a red diamond will cost you around $1,000,000 per carat!

Outside of that extreme example, pink, blue and green diamonds tend to be the most expensive with prices in the tens of thousands per carat.

Yellow is much more common, but a vivid one will still be many times more expensive than a colourless equivalent.

Because of their price a better option can be opting for a lab grown coloured diamond. They have much more attractive pricing because it's far easier to replicate the exact conditions needed to induce a colour change in a lab, compared to finding it in a mine.

If you're interested in lab grown diamonds we have a great guide full of information for you.

Nightingale ring stories

Nautical themed blue diamond ring

Martin & Kathryn met through their work as marine bioligists, so it was only right that their ring had a nautical theme.

The blue diamond perfectly complements the melee diamond mount shaped to mimic a wave.

This is the type of design we love, one that perfectly reflects the couple's bond.

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Other optons

Want a more cost effective alternative?

A lot of people love the aesthetic of a coloured engagement ring but simply can't justify the price of a coloured diamond.

We tend to recommend sapphires, rubies or emeralds instead which have much more realistic pricing.

We have guides on rubies, emeralds and Montana sapphires available to read, all of which can make beautiful coloured engagement rings.