Ethical Engagement rings

All our engagement rings are made to order, which ensures you will always receive yours brand new and in immaculate condition. We sell both certificated mined diamond rings and lab diamond rings, in a comprehensive range of styles and settings and materials.

What makes our engagement rings ethical

We've worked hard to give you some of the most ethical engagement rings available in the UK. We've been able to achieve this by having a relentless focus on responsible sourcing, partnering with ethical suppliers and going the extra mile to give you almost limitless options to craft a ring that fits with your ethical standards.

Ethical Mined Diamonds

If you want a mined diamond, we can trace our gemstones back to a mine of origin (either a Canadian mine, or an ethical, small scale mine in Botswana). This traceability means we know working conditions are humane and miners are compensated fairly for their work.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

For those of you who prefer the sustainable origins of lab-grown diamonds, we have a high quality supplier of CVD lab diamonds which are fully certified, high quality gemstones from low-carbon producers.

Recycled and Fairtrade metals

The metal we use in our rings is just as important as the gemstone in our opinion. We use recycled platinum and gold as standard and also have Fairtrade options available too.


Nothing at Nightingale is mass-produced. Each ring is made to order in the UK, by a master craftsman. Not only does this mean that you get a ring of the highest build quality, it also means we can be sure that there are no exploitative labour practices anywhere in our supply chain.