Ethical Engagement rings

Your perfect someone deserves the perfect ring. Find it now with Nightingale's collection of fully customisable, ethical engagement rings.

Choose a design, pick out your ideal gemstone and create something truly one of a kind. 

What makes our engagement rings ethical

We’re one of the UK’s most ethical jewellers, which means our ethical engagement rings have some of the highest standards you’ll find anywhere.

We’ve built our entire business to minimise waste and maximise the ethical options available to our customers.

Take a look below at what sets us apart from others.

Sustainable lab grown diamonds

We love lab grown diamonds because they don’t have the same ethical pitfalls that most mined diamonds do.

They don’t need large scale mining. The people who make them work in good conditions with fair pay. There’s no chance they’re involved in the blood diamond trade and all the energy used to make them can be offset to be carbon neutral!

On top of that, you’ll get a much better lab diamond for your budget when compared to mined diamonds.

All our lab diamonds come from USA based labs which are signed up to the SCS sustainability scheme. That means they’ve committed to offsetting their carbon emissions with green initiatives.

Ethically sourced mined diamonds

If lab diamonds aren’t your thing, we’ve also worked hard to find mined diamonds with strong ethical credentials. There’s only 2 sources that meet our standards currently. The first is Canadamark diamonds who operate 3 mines in the north of Canada. They have incredibly high safeguarding standards for their supply chain and their environmental protections are second to none.

Botswana is our second trusted supplier. As one of the only African nations who have benefited from their vast diamond wealth they’re a true success story for ethical diamond mining.

When you choose a mined diamond from Nightingale, you’ll get a verifiable origin certificate which lists where the diamond came from. And we’ll happily tell you the positive contributions it has made to its country of origin.

Other gemstones

All our engagement rings can be set with other gemstones aside from diamonds.

Again we've worked hard to find ethical suppliers of sapphires, emeralds, rubies and more! Our current favourites include Montana sapphires, lab grown emeralds and Sri Lankan small scale gemstone miners.

Ask our team for more details!

Recycled and Fairtrade metals

The metal we use in our rings is just as important as the gemstone in our opinion. We use recycled platinum and gold as standard and also have Fairtrade options available too.

Small scale craftmanship

For most jewellers, bigger is better. But it’s different at Nightingale.

First of all, we don’t buy rings in bulk because it creates waste in rings that we don’t end up selling. They’d have to be unnecessarily resmelted into other designs, increasing their carbon footprint.

Instead, every ring is made with purpose. Made to order based on your exact requirements by UK based jewellers. This does impact the amount of profit we can make on each ring, because we don’t have the benefit of bulk buying discounts, but we’d prefer to minimise waste as opposed to maximise profit.