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Lab grown diamond rings

Stunning and brilliant, lab grown diamonds are the ultimate ethical choice for a diamond engagement ring.

We've been working with lab diamonds for almost a decade now, so all our rings can be set with a lab diamond.

And as one of the most experienced lab diamond jewellers in the UK we'll be able to give you all the information you need to pick out the perfect gemstone!

Why use lab grown diamonds?

Ethics, value and sustainability

To put it briefly, lab grown diamonds are better for the earth, your budget and the jewellery industry.

You don't need to dig holes in the earth that can be seen from space to find them. You can get an equivalent quality diamond for 2/3rds of the price. And you don't have to worry about wearing a blood diamond on your finger.

Looking for a lab grown diamond ring?

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Everything you need to know about lab diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are relatively new, at least compared to their mined counterparts.

That's led to a lot of misinformation and confusion. Are they real diamonds? How are they made? How much are they?

We answer all those questions and more in our full guide to lab grown diamonds.

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Why lab diamond rings are the ethical choice

Lab diamonds require a tremendous amount of energy to be made, but despite this they still have a carbon footprint roughly 20% that of mined diamonds.

One of the biggest ethical advantages of lab diamonds is that you can be sure they are 'conflict free' and don't involve labour exploitation. 99% of mined diamonds in circulation can't make that claim.

Additionally, there is no direct environmental destruction from mining activity.

Read more about diamond ethics

Lab diamond ring FAQs

Can you tell a ring has a lab grown diamond by looking at it?

In short, no. The only real way to tell is by reading the diamond number with a powerful magnifier, or specialist lab equipment.

Are lab grown diamond rings more affordable?

Yes! Lab diamonds are typically 30-40% cheaper than mined for a equivalent quality gemstone. That means your budget will go much further with a lab diamond ring.

Do you make coloured lab diamond rings?

Yes we do. All our rings can be set with coloured lab diamonds. Mined coloured diamonds are very rare, but less so with lab created so you'll likely make your budget go much further. Get in touch for more details!

Is a lab grown diamond engagement ring cheap, or tacky?

Absolutely not. An engagement ring shouldn't be measured on how much it costs, it's a piece of art that reflects how you feel about a person.

All that matters is how it makes you and your partner feel when they look at it, and that can easily be achieved with the right lab diamond ring, often with a much better diamond than you could get from a mined source.

Will a lab grown diamond ring lose value?

All diamond rings will lose value after you've bought them, with mined and lab versions both losing 50-75% of their value.

Lab diamonds are becoming more prevalent, which means their prices are trending downwards at the moment whilst mined prices are increasing.

Over the long term, this can mean lab diamonds lose additional value compared to mined, but overall they're both fairly terrible investments.

If you want more information we have a full guide on how much lab diamonds are worth.

Are lab grown diamond rings more ethical than mined equivalents?

The ethical arguments between lab and mined diamonds definitely favour lab diamonds.

When you combine lab diamonds with a ring made from responsibly sourced metals you have the basis for an exceptionally ethical ring.

If you're on the lookout for an ethical engagement ring we've got you covered with our full collection!