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Why choose Nightingale?

Buying a diamond ring could be one of the most important purchases of your life. We're here to make sure it's perfect,

Why Nightingale?

Supremely ethical

Nightingale was founded to make the jewellery industry fairer for everyone. When you buy from us, you join us in that mission and make your own contribution to better working conditions, better environmental practices and more transparent supply chains.

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Why Nightingale?

Designed and handmade for you

We put your design into the hands of the some of the best craftsmen in the country, Nothing is mass produced at Nightingale, ensuring you not only get the perfect the ring, you also get one that endures the test of time.


Why Nightingale?

Fair pricing

Fair pricing is built into our business model at Nightingale. We firmly believe in fair pricing for everyone we work with our suppliers, our partners, and most of all, our customers.

Whilst it’s no secret that businesses need to make a profit to cover costs and invest in the future, we've made every effort to reduce unnecessary overheads by embracing technology and modern working arrangements.

Why Nightingale?

There's more...

Every Nightingale Ring also comes with the following promises

10 Year Guarantee

We guarantee against flaws in workmanship, for a period of ten years from the date of purchase on any diamond-set jewellery.

In the very unlikely scenario there is a manufacturing fault with your ring, send it back to us along with the diamond certificate and we shall rectify the issue at no additional charge.

• The guarantee does not cover loss or accidental damage, misuse, neglect or normal wear and tear

• The guarantee is not transferable and does not affect your statutory rights

• The guarantee is voided should a third party jeweller work on your ring

Complimentary Ring Re-Sizing

If you don't quite get the size right, don't worry, we're happy to resize any our rings at no additional charge. If you need an accurate measurement, you can either pop into the showroom, or we can send you out a finger sizer free of charge.

Complimentary Insured Delivery

Your jewellery and/or any gemstones you purchase or supply are fully insured at all times whilst with us at the showroom or workshop and at all points during transit. 


Secure payment - our systems are protected with bank-grade security. Your payment is safe with us.

Made for you

There is a wonderful array of beautiful rings and jewellery available today but sometimes there’s nothing that quite matches what you have in mind. Nightingale’s bespoke jewellery design service is the perfect way of making a unique piece for your loved one.

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Our Story

Ethical sourcing

Every Nightingale customer helps build a better jewellery industry. For us a better industry means no more exploited labour, no more conflict diamonds and as little environmental impact as possible.

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Meet the Nightingales

For most people, Nightingale evokes the image of a petite, but beautiful bird with a powerful, distinctive song. However for us, Nightingale is an eternal reminder of our values.

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