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Discover how Nightingale is helping create a fairer industry for everyone


Help us build a better jewellery industry

Every Nightingale customer helps build a better jewellery industry. And when we say better, we don't mean more lucrative, with bigger profit margins for business owners. For us a better industry means no more exploited labour, no more conflict diamonds and as little environmental impact as possible.

Take a look at the principles we're building our business on.

Unearth Justice

We exclusively supply ethically sourced gold

With the support of the “Unearth Justice” campaign, run by the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD), we source gold from mines subscribed to stringent ethical guidelines.

There are 14 rules in total ensuring that basic human rights are upheld whilst also protecting our environment during the mining process.

We fully support the aims behind the CAFOD campaign and we ask our partners to confirm their compliance with this code. Learn more about CAFOD on their website.

Protecting the most vulnerable

Our industry has been known to race to the bottom to make goods cheaper, compounded by those seeking greater profit margins. The compromises made by manufacturers have routinely being at the expense of the most vulnerable, including forced, and child labour.

All our suppliers of mined gemstones are thoroughly vetted to ensure that the rights of workers in every step of the supply chain are respected. We deal exclusively with mined diamonds from ethical mines in African countries or diamonds with a CanadaMark.

We’re pioneering the supremely ethical process of lab-grown diamonds

Our lab grown diamonds offer an even more ethical alternative. The process of growing a diamond is significantly less destructive and sustainable, primarily due to not needing to mine and extract the stones from the earth.

Also as the lab is tightly controlled, the diamonds are free from the social issues around conflict zones and exploited labour associated with some mined diamonds.

We use a combination of selective sourcing, utilising recycled gold, technological innovation and continual production optimisation to combat waste and unnecessary environmental impact.

Learn More About Lab Grown Diamonds

Stemming the flow of conflict diamonds

Diamonds to this day are still used to finance armed conflicts by rebels, local militias and even some official government militaries.

We subscribe to the Kimberley Process which is a joint initiative between governments, industry and society to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. This process is far from perfect, so whilst all our diamonds are Kimberley Process approved, we go extra lengths to make sure our diamonds can all be traced back to specific mines of origin

Naturally, we don't work with any suppliers or partners who haven't signed up The Kimberley Process.

We ensure minimal environmental impact

Mining diamonds is an intense and destructive process. Mines can be more than 3 miles in diameter and over 5 tonnes of earth must be removed for every 1 carat of diamond extracted. This is a similar story for precious metals such as gold. Every year, millions of tons of greenhouse gasses are emitted in the mining process, partially by the heavy diesel machinery used.

We use a combination of selective sourcing, utilising recycled gold, technological innovation and continual production optimisation to combat waste and unnecessary environmental impact.

What's next for Nightingale?

We firmly believe that the best route towards a more sustainable industry isn't to try and force change in exploitative organisations. They're simply too large and stand to make too much profit by not changing for a company like Nightingale to have any effect.

Instead, we're giving customers jewellery that is better in every way, allowing them to make an easy choice and be ethical at the same time.

That's why we're never going to stop looking at ways to make our business and jewellery more sustainable and ethical for all involved. Check back regularly to see new additions to our ethical practices.

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