A Ring That Truly Reflects Your Relationship

Your love story is unlike any other to come before it. Remind yourself every day with a Nightingale ring, uniquely made for you.

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'Brilliant service and a lovely end product'

I was really pleased with the service provided by Nightingale, from the initial meeting through to design and manufacture, they made the process stress free and enjoyable. The quality of the end product is amazing and we both could not be happier!

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Diamonds That Don't Cost The Earth

The standard practices of the jewellery industry have no place in the 21st century and you definitely don't want a reminder of them sat on your finger for the rest of your life. That's why we only use ethically sourced gemstones

  • Mined Diamonds

    Our mined diamonds all come from ethical sources that we can trace back to origin

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  • Lab Diamonds

    Real, certified diamonds. Only these are grown in a lab instead of dug out of the earth

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  • Coloured Diamonds

    A full range of mined and lab grown coloured diamonds and gemstones

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We know picking an engagement ring is a daunting task. So why not book a visit to our showroom? Our expert designers can help guide you towards a style that suits your partner, or even help you create something completely bespoke!

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Lab-grown Diamonds: Everything You Need to Know

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Ring Sizing Guide

The last thing we at Nightingale want is to supply a ring and at the crucial ‘down on one knee’ moment it turns out to be too large or too small. Nightingale offer one adju...

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