Hannah's Floral Cluster Ring

Every now and again we get a ring design that really pulls at the heartstrings, so much so that it inspired an entirely new part of Nightingale.co.uk. 

Today we’re launching Nightingale Ring Stories, and we’re kicking things off with Hannah and her Gran’s rings!

Hannah's Floral Cluster Ring

The story

Hannah came to us after her Gran passed away last year. As well as a lifetime of happy memories, she left Hannah 2 yellow gold rings set with 19 round brilliant cubic zirconia stones.

One was a trilogy of larger stones and the other, a 2 row half eternity set with 16 smaller stones.

Being yellow gold, they weren't quite to Hannah's taste.

So instead of letting them sit in a jewellery box never to be seen again, she got in touch and asked us come up with some design options for the stones so she could wear them every day and always be reminded of her Gran.

And of course, we said yes!

The ring

After some back and forth we decided on a floral cluster ring using the largest of the trilogy stones as a centrepiece surrounded by 10 smaller stones.

This beautiful, unique design was cast in platinum to create a striking multi-layer halo ring which fits Hannah's style perfectly!

floral cluster ring

The reaction

At Nightingale we do bespoke rings all the time (it’s kinda our thing), but we always get a little nervous when revealing a custom ring design where we’ve repurposed a family heirloom. 

The emotional connection to these pieces is so strong, so the stakes always feel a bit higher than usual.

We shouldn’t have worried, because Hannah’s reaction summed up everything we love about our jobs when we sent her some pictures of the finished design.

Hannah's Quote

And it’s lucky she did bring the tissues, because between Claire and Hannah there wasn’t a dry eye in the showroom!

The best thing about this story is that it isn't finished yet. 

We still had leftover stones after the main ring design, so we're currently making a bespoke, shaped to fit shadow ring which will be set with the remaining stones. 

It's going to complement the main ring marvellously, so check back soon to see the update! 

Create your own bespoke design

If, like Hannah, you have a family heirloom you want to repurpose into a beautiful new design why not get in touch? Maybe your ring will be the next Nightingale story we tell!   

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