Henry's Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring

When John decided to design his engagement ring he knew he didn't want to go down the traditional diamond route. So we spent a lot of time scouring our suppliers to find a truly beautiful and unique sapphire. 

And it came all the way from Montana, USA!

Henry's Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sometimes all it takes to make the perfect engagement ring is the right gemstone. And this is certainly the case with Henry's ring.

Pairing a beautiful 1.35ct Montana sapphire with 2 lab diamond side stones, the yellow gold trilogy ring creates a beautiful aesthetic. We absolutely love the gold and sapphire colour pairing.

The showstopping centre stone

It's fair to say that the USA isn't particularly renowned for it's sapphire mining. In fact, there's only really Montana that does it.

Originally these stones were discovered during the gold rush in the 1800s, although at the time they were disposed of and treat like an annoyance because they constantly clogged up their gold sifting equipment.

Eventually they realised what they had and started selling them to jewellers for additional profit.

Extra deposits of sapphires were found, but there wasn't much desire to mine them on a large scale whilst the gold rush was still in full swing. This changed over time, and now the Rock Creek area of Montana is famed for it's sapphires.


montana sapphire engagement ring


Sapphires from Montana typically have a very high clarity, with a signature blue/ green tint which many people find extremely beautiful.

At Nightingale we love them for the unique appearance and extremely ethical origins.

Labour and safety standards are very high in the mines and the supply chain from mine to retailer is fantastically transparent which makes them a great ethical alternative to diamonds.

Henry, it was an honour making this beautiful one of a kind ring for you, we wish you both all the happiness in the world!  


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