The Nightingale Story So Far

Discover more about our origins and values

What's in a name?

For most people, Nightingale evokes the image of a petite, but beautiful bird with a powerful, distinctive song. However for us, Nightingale is an eternal reminder of our values.

When we talk of 'Nightingale Rings' and 'Nightingale Designs' what we're really talking about is jewellery that is created with care and love through every step of the journey, from raw material to design.

So why 'Nightingale'?

Introducing the Nightingales

Nightingale was founded, and still keeps it's namesake, from Stephen and Diane Nightingale.

Finding each other from a young age, Stephen and Diane shared an extensive life in the jewellery industry, with Stephen starting as a jewellery shop assistant at the age 16.

Diane was next to him every step of the way, helping him revise for exams that would help Stephen move onwards and upwards into almost every role in the industry. Their deep love for each other and their work led to decades of happiness, a beautiful and ever expanding family and a passion for precious jewellery.

That passion is what birthed Nightingale the business, when Stephen and Diane set up shop with help from The Embarking Group to truly make jewellery a fairer, more ethical industry.

The Nightingale Values

Jewellery comes from a place of love, whether it be a partner presenting a ring to the person they love on bended knee, or an elder passing down a family heirloom to the next generation. We believe that love needs to start at the very beginning of a ring's life, not just when it rests on the finger of a loved one.

It needs to come from a fairer source, either lab grown or ethically mined. It needs to be crafted with care, attention and superior craftmanship. And it needs to be perfectly designed for the person wearing it.

Maintaining a Legacy

Sadly, Stephen passed away in the summer of 2018, but our small team of passionate and committed experts carry on the Nightingale journey. Diane still helps the business maintain it's founding values, whilst surrounded by her loving family.

The same deep love for precious jewellery that Stephen and Diane shared is what we continue to deliver to our customers, in their name.