Our Bespoke Ring Design Process

There is a wonderful array of beautiful rings and jewellery available today but sometimes there’s nothing that quite matches what you have in mind. Nightingale’s bespoke jewellery design service is the perfect way of making a unique piece for your loved one. From the initial sketch to the finished product, your design is lovingly crafted into an exquisite piece of jewellery that simply cannot be matched.


There are many special moments in life, from your first date, to your engagement, your wedding, your first anniversary, the birth of your first child and beyond. For each of these special moments in your life, our bespoke jewellery service can turn your ideas into reality. Typically the process will begin with a consultation either face to face at one of the Nightingale showrooms or online with one of our diamond and jewellery experts. We will discuss your inspiration and ideas and how they fit into your budget whilst one of our jewellery designers will sketch out visualisations. We will talk through the mined and lab grown stone selections, weight and clarity and mount metals to ensure the final product is perfect for you. This is the part of the process where our extensive knowledge and contacts within the jewellery industry really help you to achieve your piece of jewellery.


Once your ideas have been worked into an initial brief we will provide an estimate and the design may go on to be hand drawn. When these designs are finished you will be able to visualise your jewellery to see how it will come to life. Any alterations or design changes can be discussed with us to ensure that the final product matches all your specifications and requirements prior to creation of CAD designs. Sometimes your idea may not need hand sketching so may go straight to CAD design. Once agreed, on payment of an agreed deposit, the work can commence and your dreams can be turned into reality.

Crafting your bespoke jewellery

The Nightingale team consists only of industry renowned jewellery craftsmen so you can be certain your piece will be expertly crafted in the most cost effective way, helping your budget go further.

Delivering the perfect piece of jewellery

Once your bespoke jewellery is made we hand inspect it to ensure it meets our high standards of  quality and it can be personally collected or securely shipped to you presented in luxurious Nightingale packaging. And if you’d like something extra special we can accommodate most requests.