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The most treasured gifts we could ever receive are the kind words of customers who've fallen head-over-heels for their Nightingale jewellery. We've collected some of their reviews here on this page, along with some quotes from the media.

High quality, ethically sourced, fab customer service

Overall, I'm massively impressed with Nightingale. We had a custom 5 stone design created for my engagement ring followed up by a wedding band to match it. The quality of the end product was fantastic (I get so many compliments on the engagement ring) and they did their absolute best to ensure it would exceed expectations, even down to suggesting a tweak in design to ensure the diamonds inset on the engagement ring wouldn't get damaged by rubbing against the wedding ring. It's great working with a company where you know the precious stones have been ethically sourced. They also did their utmost to hit a tight deadline for the engagement ring and were really flexible about me visiting the workshop where the rings are made in order to not have to take it off for long (I love it that much). If I end up persuading my other half to get me an eternity ring at some point, I will 100% be coming back to Nightingale to create it.
Sofy Large

Absolutely amazing

Diane / Steve / Daryl, Thanks to you all for helping me with the design and build of the ring - it looks amazing and is every bit as good as I'd hoped it would be. The service I have received from you all has been second to none and I will make sure that I recommend Nightingale as first choice. Many thanks, Alun


Fantastic experience!

Fantastic experience - Steve and Diane are a lovely couple who are very enthusiastic about their work. We initially approached Nightingale because of their lab-grown CVD diamonds, and they ended up producing a beautiful bespoke ring for us at a very reasonable price. Steve was great at communicating potential designs and progress of the ring, and they incorporated everything we were hoping for into the final ring. Highly recommended!

Alun and Laura

Wonderful service, highly recommended!

i was looking to create a bespoke engagement ring for my fiancée with a sapphire that we had found ourselves, and after speaking to a number of jewellers, we were very glad to find Steve and his team! From the start everyone was extremely warm and friendly, and nothing seemed too much trouble. Steve was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and turned what could have been a daunting experience into an enjoyable one. Lou created us some stunning designs, and when my fiancée had picked one, the finished article with the CVD diamonds was absolutely stunning, and made much faster than I would have expected. A huge thank you to Steve and his team, and we shall definitely return for the wedding rings!


My fiancé and I traveled to York to create a custom engagement ring. From the beginning, Stephen was very professional and took the time to thoroughly answer all of our questions. Even when I changed my mind after leaving the showroom, Stephen was patient and accommodating. He answered all emails very promptly, often within a couple of hours, and regularly updated us on what stage the ring was at during production. I absolutely love my ring, and would would certainly recommend Nightingale to anyone!



My fiancé Henry bought my engagement ring from Steve and Diane and we were so happy with the quality and the special service they provided that we've bought our wedding bands from them too! They were fantastic throughout and super helpful when we needed to alter my engagement ring so that the wedding band would fit flush against it. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for very high quality jewellery and friendly personal service. I know I'll be sending Henry back for any future gifts! Thank you so much and I look forward to having another excuse to buy from you in the future. All the best Claire & Henry

Claire Beatson

My fiancé and I chose to have our ring made by Nightingale after reading about their strong principles and high quality workmanship on their website. In particular we wanted a lab created diamond.

We travelled to their show room in York to discuss what we wanted and we were so impressed with the Nightingale team. They explained everything to us, about the diamonds and about the different metals we could chose. They were so professional and friendly throughout the whole meeting and we came away really happy with our choice!

While our ring was being made, the team were exceptionally fast at replying to any queries we sent via email. When the ring arrived it was so beautiful and made to such a high standard. You get a lovely display box as well. I am absolutely thrilled!!

If you want an engagement ring that is made with impeccable workmanship, I cannot recommend Nightingale enough. We travelled all the way from London to see them and it was completely worth it.

Thank you Nightingale!!

Ann Gilliat

Thank you Nightingale Jewelry for creating such a stunning engagement ring! From the point of first contact through to delivery of the ring, Steve provided an outstanding level of customer service. Steve was always available and happy to discuss details of my requirements via email and phone and in very short space of time, Nightingale Jewelry delivered a fantastic ring, exactly as described. Everything about the process far exceeded my expectations, including the final price, which was extremely good for such a high quality product. My fiancee loved the ring and I would certainly highly recommend Nightingale Jewelry to anybody! Thanks again, Matt

Matt Nixon

Valentines Day Special on Lab Grown Diamonds

Valentines Day Special on Lab Grown Diamonds

A huge thank you to the team at BBC The One show for the mini-documentary on lab grown diamonds that aired on valentines day!

BBC The One Show — 2017-02-14

Preet & Aveek


Hello!!! Hope all is well …….happy new year!!! We finally have some great news!!

Aveek proposed in our new flat yesterday after an amazing dinner at Benihana – it was on our 7 year anniversary!!

I’m sooooooo please with the ring it is absolutely stunning!!! Thank you so much for everything along the way ….. enjoy the cheesy pictures of us!

Wishing you the best!!

Preet and Aveek

Preet & Aveek

You can now buy MAN-MADE diamonds for the first time

Henry Proctor, 27, from York, bought a “lab diamond” engagement ring for his fiancée, Claire Beatson.

He told us, “I’d love to say it was the ethical stuff that made me consider it, but for me it was the ability to get her the ring without having to take a mortgage out.”

Beatson, 30, said: “It was lovely being woken up with a cup of coffee and a diamond engagement ring.

"I’m doing my bit for the planet by wearing diamonds — that’s my excuse anyway.”

The Mirror — 2016-05-29

Mine’s an eco-diamond: lab gems hit high street

A jewellery firm in York has become the first in the UK to sell diamonds grown in laboratories to high street customers. 

Nightingale jewellers says a growing number of young couples are choosing “lab diamonds”, grown in pressurised gas chambers heated to more than 1,000C, rather than naturally formed, mined gems.

The Times — 2016-05-29

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The most treasured gifts we could ever receive are the kind words of customers who've fallen head-over-heels for their Nightingale jewellery.

We've collected some of their reviews here on this page, along with some quotes from the media.

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