Finger Sizer


Ring size is one of those things we think we'll always remember... but never actually do! Our fingers can change over time and what was comfortable a few years ago may not be quite right today. A wide ring may need a slightly larger size than a slimmer ring.

So – how can we help you get it right?

Just order one of our free ring sizers and measure your finger at home, or if it is convenient visit our York showroom and have your finger professionally measured.

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Finger Sizer, Finger Sizer, does whatever a Finger Sizer can

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Why Choose Nightingale?

  • Ethical Sourcing

    All our partners are thoroughly vetted to ensure they adhere to our core ethical principles

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  • British Craftsmanship

    Our UK based team are all respected experts who value outstanding British craftmanship above all else

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  • Mined Or Lab Grown

    Choose from a collection of UK lab grown diamonds, or ethically sourced mined diamonds from trusted partners

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  • A Tailored Service

    Nightingale can help you create your perfect ring from scratch with our 100% bespoke design process

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