Chara embodies a timeless coronet design, holding a solitaire diamond. Plain shoulders sweep up to the setting making this ring classically beautiful.

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Chara embodies a timeless coronet design, holding a solitaire diamond. Plain shoulders sweep up to the setting making this ring classically beautiful.

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Our Gemstones

Finding the perfect centre piece for the ring opens up a world of possibilities. We're here to bring all of those possibilities to you, help you explore them and ultimately source your perfect gemstones. Some of our most popular options are included below. We'd also love to hear from you if you have something else in mind.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Our most environmental and sustainable option are lab-grown diamonds, real certified diamonds that are grown in cutting edge laboratories. They start life as a ‘seed’, a tiny fragment of diamond that grow through a combination of a complex mix of gases, high temperature and pressure causing the diamond to grow, atom-by-atom, until a perfect gemstone as good as any mined diamond is formed.

These are quickly becoming our most popular choice with our customers citing their advocacy of sustainability as well as a desire for larger, more impactful stones within their budget.

Mined Diamonds

The classical centre to an engagement ring for decades. For those that appreciate the miraculous process of a diamond naturally developing in the earths crust over millions of years.

Our mined diamonds are ethically sourced, certified conflict free and complete with a diamond grading certificate from GIA.

Coloured Diamonds

More than 300 diamond colours have been identified in an infinite number of shades. The most popular colours for diamonds include red, pink, orange, yellow, green , blue, violet, purple, chocolate, grey, champagne, cognac and black.

Naturally occurring coloured diamonds are much rarer than colourless ones with approximately 1 in 10,000 mined diamonds considered a coloured diamond.

Coloured diamonds can also be grown in a lab following special treatment.

Coloured Gemstones

If you are looking to add colour to your ring, coloured diamonds can often require a more significant budget. An equally stunning alternative is to use another precious gemstone such as ruby, sapphire or emerald.

Sapphires are known for their deep blue colour, however they actually come in a variety of colours. A lesser known fact is that rubies are simply red sapphires.

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Gemstone Shapes & Options

Our engagement rings can be set with a variety of different shapes and cuts of gemstones including round, cushion, oval, princess, emerald, marquise, pear, heart and radiant.

If you'd like to change the shape of the gemstone in this ring, our team can help.

Precious Metals

Our most popular metals (18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold and platinum) are shown above.

If you'd like something else such as 9ct gold or rose gold, our team can help.

Finishing Touches

If you are interested in any finishing touches such as engraving, our team can help.

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Details & Guarantee

For us choice is key, we often use minded diamonds, however we’re pioneering lab grown diamonds and coloured diamonds

Complimentary Ring Re-Sizing

If you don't quite get the size right, don't worry, we're happy to resize any our rings at no additional charge. If you need an accurate measurement, you can either pop into the showroom, or we can send you out a finger sizer free of charge.

10 Year Guarantee

We guarantee against against flaws in workmanship, for a period of ten years from the date of purchase on any diamond set jewellery.

In the very unlikely scenario there is a manufacturing fault with your ring, send it back to us along with the diamond certificate and we shall rectify the issue at no additional charge.

Insured Throughout

Your jewellery and/or any gemstones you purchase or supply are fully insured at all times whilst with us at the showroom or workshop and at all points during transit.

Beautifully Presented

All our jewellery comes beautifully packaged in a simple elegant Nightingale box, complete with your presentation folder which contains details of your special purchase, which may be your diamond certificate, insurance valuation certificate, original sketches and more.

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Why Choose Nightingale?

  • Ethical Sourcing

    All our partners are thoroughly vetted to ensure they adhere to our core ethical principles

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  • British Craftsmanship

    Our UK based team are all respected experts who value outstanding British craftmanship above all else

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  • Mined Or Lab Grown

    Choose from a collection of UK lab grown diamonds, or ethically sourced mined diamonds from trusted partners

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  • A Tailored Service

    Nightingale can help you create your perfect ring from scratch with our 100% bespoke design process

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