The FREE ring health check from Nightingale

Loose diamond on your engagement ring? Dings and damage on your wedding band? Let Nightingale's free ring check-up put your mind at ease!

Engagement and wedding rings go through a lot on a daily basis. Everyday knocks and dings can eventually take their toll and end up making your precious ring look a little worse for wear.

As one of the few jewelers in York with a local goldsmith service, we're the perfect place to breathe new life into your ring with our free health check-up service.

What's included

  • Every ring receives a full oscillating clean using our specialised jewellery cleaner which removes any build-up of dirt and daily grime.
  • We'll check that all gemstones are secure and the mount claws etc are in good condition.
  • If your ring is plated (for example, white gold), we'll review its condition and recommend a replating if required.
  • We'll assess the general state of the metal band, and identify if there are any risk areas that may need repairs in the near future.

Jewellery repairs in York

Once we've finished your ring health check we'll give you a list of all the checks we have done along with our recommendations.

Depending on the condition of your ring, you may get some recommended repairs. We'll include a price for these which you can either get repaired through us, or take to another jeweller.

If we do say so ourselves, we think our repair service is the best in York.

Our goldsmith works locally, so for the vast majority of repairs don't need to be sent away to external providers. This means we can turn around repairs much faster (usually in a few days) and for a more competitive price.

Ready to book in? Give us a call on 01904 211087 or send us a message through our contact form.