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Lab grown diamond engagement rings

Beautiful diamond engagement rings with conflict-free gaurantees, minimal environmental impact and flawless craftsmanship.

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Lab diamond rings by Nightingale

Our lab diamond engagement rings are made possible by the perfect unity of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge science. Our experts craft ethical gold and platinum into beautifully designed rings before adding the perfect lab grown diamond to create an ethical and flawless piece of jewellery.

They are identical

Lab grown diamonds are identical to the ones taken from mines, but without the destructive mining, human exploitation or violence common in traditional diamonds. They even cost less for the same beautiful sparkle.

Guide on lab grown diamonds


Our lab diamonds

Our lab grown diamonds are, as the name suggests, created in a lab. And despite common misconceptions, they aren't diamond imitations. They are legitimate diamonds chemically indistinguishable from diamonds extracted from mines.

Using a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD) small fragments of natural diamonds are added to a vacuum chamber. Methane and hydrogen is then introduced to the chamber and superheated to form a carbon-rich plasma. This plasma then attaches itself to the diamond seed in layers over the course of a few weeks, eventually forming a fully fledged diamond.

Why lab diamond rings are the ethical choice

Lab diamonds require a tremendous amount of energy to be made, but despite this they still have a carbon footprint roughly 20% that of mined diamonds.

One of the biggest ethical advantages of lab diamonds is that you can be sure they are 'conflict free' and don't involve labour exploitation. 99% of mined diamonds in circulation can't make that claim.

Additionally, there is no direct environmental destruction from mining activity.

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