Revealed: 2021’s most popular engagement rings and predicted trends for 2022

Revealed: 2021’s most popular engagement rings and predicted trends for 2022

At Nightingale, we understand that an engagement ring isn’t just an accessory, it’s part of a moment often encapsulating a journey.

Therefore, choosing an engagement ring can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. And it gets even more complicated if you decide to create your own…

We’re here to help you on your journey to finding the perfect ring. We thought it would be useful to round up the most popular engagement rings from 2021 according to Google followed by our expert’s thoughts on emerging trends for 2022 to give you plenty of inspiration.

A Countdown: The Top 10 Most Searched For Engagement Rings In 2021

10. Vintage

Source: Pinterest

Across industries we’ve witnessed the championing of second hand items as the younger generations look for more sustainable solutions, and it appears this mantra is ringing true for the jewellery industry as well.

Choosing a vintage ring is a precious journey, and one that allows you to source a truly unique piece of jewellery with a story to tell. This plus the fact a vintage ring is one of the most eco-friendly options means we’re thrilled to see this trend in the top ten.

A stunning example of a vintage yet timeless is Scarlett Johansson’s ring from her second engagement. This particular ring is an exquisite nod to Art Deco style, with three round diamonds surrounded by a bold rectangular setting. Although, this ring certainly comes with a celebrity budget at $450,000.

9. Oval Cut

Oval Cut Diamond Ring by Nightingale

Developed in the 1950s, oval cut diamonds are a timeless choice adorned by the likes of Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston.

One of the main benefits of oval cut engagement rings is that the elongated shape makes them appear slightly larger than other cuts with the same carat weight.

It also looks extremely elegant when worn on the hand, with its elongated shape helping to make the fingers appear more slender.

8. Unique

Custom Ring by Nightingale

We believe that custom designs for engagement rings are the way forward. After all, nothing quite says ‘I love you’ more than a ring which truly celebrates the quirks and uniqueness of that special someone.

With Google searches for “unique engagement ring” increasing, it certainly appears that couples are looking for more striking styles, which makes the option of a bespoke jewellery design service all the more appealing.

The unique floral design pictured here was custom made by our expert craftsmen and features a round brilliant cut fancy blue diamond with a unique band shape featuring 16 melee diamonds of various sizes that allude to a glimmering ocean wave.

7. Princess Cut

Princess Cut Diamond Ring by Nightingale

For the modern person looking to do things a little differently, the princess cut is the one for you. First developed in the 1970s, the princess cut diamond ring is one of the more forgiving engagement rings as it can look perfect for longer due to its many facets and ability to disperse light throughout the stone.

Overall, you can still get the wow factor with less worries about any flaws or wear and tear along the way.

This particular shape might have seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the royal family. In 2017, Prince Harry designed a princess cut diamond trilogy ring for his proposal to Meghan Markle, personally selecting the stones himself.

6. Yellow Diamond

Source: Pinterest

The first coloured gemstone to appear in the top ten is the wonderfully alluring yellow diamond. This mesmerising stone symbolises everlasting love and happiness, a truly romantic choice of engagement ring if you ask us.

The value of yellow diamonds can increase considerably over time, depending on the hue of yellow. However, the quality of these rare stones is much harder to determine, so it’s crucial that you do your research and purchase from a trusted source.

In true A-lister extravagance, Victoria Beckham has acquired fifteen different engagement rings in the last twenty two years from her husband David Beckham, and two of these have featured yellow diamonds. Such as this huge emerald-cut yellow diamond, supported by an eternity ring on either side.

5. Halo

Diamond Halo Ring by Nightingale

Nothing sparkles quite like a diamond halo ring... Today, what we consider to be the classic halo setting actually has its origins in the Art Deco Era of the 1920s. Whilst the popularity of the halo ring has ebbed and flowed over the years, its recent acclaim is no surprise given its versatility with any stone or cut.

A halo setting can help the center stone of your ring look up to one-half carat bigger and more brilliant, meaning you can save money on the center stone. The surrounding diamonds also help to protect the center stone from any bumps and scratches.

4. Sapphire Stone

Sapphire Ring by Nightingale

Sapphire engagement rings are a classic yet striking choice and definitely well deserving of a spot in the top five. This beautifully blue stone is a firm favourite amongst the royal family, with the most iconic sapphire ring belonging to Kate Middleton.

Almost 80% of a natural sapphire's value is based on its colour, not on its clarity, with a royal blue sapphire holding more value than a pale blue. However, you should pick a colour based on what suits you, or your partner, best.

The hues of sapphires can vary from pale blue to nearly-black, meaning there are plenty of options.

3. Emerald Stone

Emerald Stone Ring by Nightingale

The most popular coloured stone in our top ten is the exquisite and enchanting emerald. Emeralds are said to symbolise true love, making them a perfect piece of jewellery to solidify your relationship.

Our top tip for an emerald engagement ring? Choose a halo setting to complement the green gemstone and give a more vintage feel. Halo settings provide the perfect antiquity to a modern ring, which is something that any bride in 2021 can appreciate.

2. Pear Cut

Pear Cut Ring by Nightingale

At Nightingale, the pear shaped engagement ring is always highly sought after and so it isn’t surprising to see this take second place. The unusual shape is said to symbolise tears of joy or ‘wedding tears’ and proves an elegant choice for brides to be.

The pear cut originally stemmed from marquise shapes, and today, there are different pear-shaped engagement rings to suit every person and aesthetic, from sleek solitaires to vintage-inspired styles and unique custom designs.

This ring style actually has a history rich in glamour. The most notable pear cut diamond ring was adorned by Elizabeth Taylor. The breathtaking 69-carat stone, dubbed the “Taylor-Burton diamond” was purchased by Richard Burton for Taylor in 1969. The stone was originally set in a ring, but its huge size proved awkward to wear, and so it was reset into a necklace that would be worth upwards of £14 million today!

1. Solitaire

Tiffany Style Custom Solitaire Ring by Nightingale

The solitaire engagement ring… This style has definitely been adorned by many over the years, so it isn’t surprising to learn that it is the most searched engagement ring of 2021.

The word solitaire stems from the Latin ‘solitarius’ meaning alone or isolated, which is why a solitaire engagement ring simply features one stone. More often than not, a solitaire ring is a round brilliant diamond mounted on a simple band to showcase the sheer quality of the gemstone.

A solitaire ring also allows versatility due to its plain metal band, it can suit many diamond shapes and many wedding band styles.

Our Predicted Engagement Ring Trends for 2022

To find out more about the predicted trends for next year, we’ve partnered with ethical diamond expert Lydia McCarthy to share the up and coming styles for engagement rings.

The trends we've picked out below are growing in popularity as we type this, but they all still exude a timeless aesthetic which will endure for decades upon decades.

Take some inspiration, add a dash of personal style and you'll find your perfect ring in no time.

1. Toi et Moi

Source: Pinterest

Why we love them

  • Beautiful symbolism
  • You can really let your creativity fly with gemstone combinations and band design
  • A great way to include family heirlooms into new designs

Perhaps one of the most romantic ring styles, toi et moi translates to 'you and me' and looking at the designs you can see why.

The Toi et Moi rings feature two beautiful gemstones paired together on the same band. The marital symbolism is clear, which makes the toi et moi ring such a popular choice for engagement rings.

Source: Toi et Moi Ring by Nightingale

And if you decide to create a bespoke ring you can go even further with the symbolism, by picking out two complementary gemstones. A popular choice is a diamond (symbolising commitment and love) and a ruby (representing passion and raw emotion).

The style is so versatile it's made numerous high profile appearances over the years, with the most modern being Ariana Grande's ring.

This beauty features an oval cut diamond paired with a pearl rumoured to be from her late grandfather's tie-pin(scroll to the 4th image below for a closeup).

This design really highlights how versatile they are, being able to incorporate inherited, sentimental jewellery into a new piece.

We're creating more and more toi et moi rings at Nightingale, which is why we expect their popularity to continue to grow in 2022.

You can read our full guide on toi et moi engagement rings here. 

2. Individualisation

Source: Citrine and Rose Cut Ring by Nightingale

Why we love it

  • You can create something that is truly unique for you or your partner
  • The creative possibilities are endless
  • Symbolises your love for each other

Ethical diamond expert, Lydia McCarthy says, “The major trend for 2022 engagement rings is individualisation - both in design and in the experience of getting engaged. There is a growing trend for couples to create their engagement ring together as part of a couples experience. They want more than a ring - they want experiential elements to form part of their engagement ring journey.

In terms of style, we will see a move towards more intricate, refined, and individualised engagement rings for 2022, tailored to the client's specific hand shape.”

At Nightingale, we’ve found that more and more clients come to us with bespoke requests for their ring design and we pride ourselves on making something that is truly unique for you or your loved one.

From the gemstone, the mount, the metal and the finishing touches, we work with you to understand exactly what it is you’re looking for.

3. Hidden halo and gallery details

Source: Pinterest

Why we love them

  • The unique reflection of light can create some stunning sparkles
  • Suits any diamond cut
  • Adds unique style to the side profile of the ring, which is the angle many people will be naturally viewing it from
  • A traditional halo ring has accessory diamonds around the main gemstone which adds to the sparkle.

Hidden halos refer to a ring of diamonds that sits under the main gemstone which is designed to reflect more light into the stone giving the maximum sparkle possible.

Accessory diamonds included along the gallery (side profile) of the ring also tries to achieve a similar style and looks to be one of the more popular choices for style setters in 2022.

Revived in popularity partly due to Blake Lively's engagement ring, we're absolutely positive we'll see more accessory diamonds adorning Nightingale rings in the future.

4. Lab grown diamonds

Source: Nightingale

Why we love them

  • Greater purity and improved quality
  • Affordable diamonds in various colors
  • A more ethical solution

Ethical diamond expert, Lydia McCarthy says “There is a significant increase in interest for lab-grown diamonds as today's couples embrace technology, move away from mining, and reap the financial benefits of lab-grown stones as they continue to focus on saving for housing deposits alongside deepening their relationships.”

At Nightingale, the main reason we advocate for lab-grown diamonds is because they're much more ethical and sustainable than mined diamonds.

The carbon footprint of creating a lab diamond is a fraction of what it takes to extract a natural diamond from the earth.

Additionally, lab diamonds remove the human cost of the diamond supply chain. The inhumane working conditions in some of the world's diamond mines are no secret and it's something that Nightingale wants no part of. That's why the only mined diamonds we use in our rings come from ethical mines. Read more about our lab-grown diamonds here.

What's next?

Now you've got some idea of what is going to be a big hit in 2022 you can get in touch to see how we can help.

Or, if you're still looking for more information, why not jump over to Nightingale Says and take a look through our guides and engagement ring content?

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