Here's our bank holiday date ideas in Yorkshire

The entire Nightingale team calls Yorkshire their home, so it's only natural that we have some great date ideas in the local area which won't break the bank.

So here's Claire to tell you about some fantastic ways to spend the next bank holiday with your dates, mates, family or partner.

Here's our bank holiday date ideas in Yorkshire

Explore the local waterfalls

Being a Yorkshire local myself I simply love the endless options we have when it comes to exploring our great outdoors. Waterfalls are a particular favourite.

Hardcastle Craggs near Hebden Bridge is one I really recommend. Aysgarth falls near Wensleydale and Janet's Foss in Malham are great days out too.

Setting up a mate date or a romantic date to a waterfall is certainly something to remember. Plot a nice walk - I often use All Trails to find the perfect route - and pack a picnic and explore the calming sights of the water.

Lounge on a rooftop bar in Leeds

With sunshine on the cards, Leeds is a perfect place to set up your date. With countless rooftop bars such as Angelica, Issho, East 59th, Sky Lounge and Headrow House, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice.

And if you get tired of enjoying the views you can always explore the city, there's plenty of adventure to be found, day or night.

Leeds List has an ideal roundup of rooftop bars in the city right here

Walk through endless fields of bluebells

If you, or your companion, are a a nature lover a walk through fields of bluebells is sure to be a hit.

There's 3 places I'd recommend

  • Moss Valley Woodlands - South of Sheffield
  • North Cliffe Wood - South of Market Weighton
  • Thorp Perrow in Bedale

Pack yourself a fizz-filled picnic and set off early to view the blue bells near you. Creating your own afternoon tea complete with champagne will make for a gorgeous date idea.

Yorkshire sculpture park

We've got Europe's largest sculpture park in Europe right on our doorstep.At the park in Wakefield you'll find pieces from the likes of Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and James Turrell.

And your right in the middle of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside too! At £6 per ticket it's a great idea for a budget friendly date.

Hop on the train to the coast

Arguably some of the best beaches around are found on the East Coast. Try heading to Fraisthorpe; a quieter version of Bridlington with stunning views and walks - be sure to find the nearest fish and chip shop. 

When you're travelling for the bank holiday I always recommend getting the train over driving. If the weather is good you'll find the roads towards the coast absolutely packed, the train will be much more reliable.

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