The Valentine's Day engagement ring guide

One of our favourite times of year is nearly upon us. Valentine’s Day!

Being the most popular engagement date of the year, we naturally get a lot of questions from customers. So we thought why not put everything we know into a handy engagement ring guide for Valentine’s Day 2022!

Here’s what we’ll cover...

  • Popular engagement ring styles for 2022
  • Tips for finding the perfect ring
  • Advice on making the most of your budget
The Valentine's Day engagement ring guide

Popular design styles for Valentine's Day 2022

We’ve talked about our trend predictions for 2022 in the past and even this early in the year we’re seeing those come true in front of our eyes. These are our top picks for Valentine's Day

Oval cut diamonds

Out of all styles, the oval-cut diamond engagement ring is perhaps the most popular at the moment.

oval cut rose gold engagement ring
An oval cut diamond beautifully mounted on a rose gold engagement ring (with matching wedding band!)


The elongated cut of oval diamonds has a slimming effect on the finger which creates an elegant aesthetic that makes the fingers appear slimmer. Also, because of the large surface area, you’ll find that oval diamonds can appear larger than other cuts.

They’re also making regular appearances at high-profile engagements in 2021 including Kourtney Kardashian. And if you’re worried about the oval cut being a passing trend, remember that Blake Lively has been rocking hers since 2012!

Toi et Moi rings

toi et moi engagement ring
A toi et moi engagement ring with princess and pear cut diamonds


Toi et Moi rings are also set to increase in popularity, the likes of Emily Ratajkowski giving the classic, but unique design a resurgence in popularity. A favorite amongst the romantics, the two stone design symbolises two souls becoming one.

You can read our full guide on Toi et moi rings here

Coloured gemstones

A fully bespoke engagement ring with teal sapphire created by Nightingale


Coloured gemstones are continuing to be popular with sapphires, emeralds and pink/ yellow diamonds creating unique looks to stand out from the crowd.

Picking out the perfect Valentine's Day proposal ring

Of course, finding the perfect engagement ring isn’t only about getting something that’s on-trend, it’s also about finding the perfect ring for them. That’s why all the rings in our collection are fully customisable.

Here are some tips to help you get started!

Reflect their personality

First of all, think about their personal style. Their clothes, hairstyle, how they do their makeup and so on.

Someone who gravitates towards big statement pieces in their wardrobe will be better with a bold ring design that is bold enough stands out. A halo mount sapphire featuring a ring of melee diamonds could be a good choice, given they look larger than the typical ring from a distance.


A yellow gold Stellar engagement ring with round cut diamond (view here)


Someone who chooses a more subtle, understated look with clean lines can gravitate towards simpler designs that put the center stone in the spotlight. An elegant solitaire design with oval or pear-cut diamond would be an excellent choice.

A pear cut diamond mounted on our Elena engagement ring (view here)

Think about practicalities

Secondly, remember that an engagement ring is intended to be worn all day, with all the rough and tumble that comes along with it.

A high, prominent mount (such as a solitaire or cathedral) will usually not be the best option for someone with a physical job because it puts the gemstone at higher risk. A lower/ heavier mount will provide much more security.

As an example, let’s compare our Phoenix and Ashlesha rings.

Our Phoenix design (view here)
Our Ashlesha design. (view here)


Both of these rings have an exceptional level of craftmanship, but the Ashlesha with its heavier mount design and slightly more enclosed setting will always be more secure in the long run.

If you want something even more secure, halo set rings or bevel designs offer even more protection but can lead to the center stone appearing smaller.

Get creative!

We love unique rings at Nightingale and we truly believe there’s something perfect for everyone. The best way of finding that perfect is to get creative. You can explore combinations of metals and coloured gemstones to create beautiful designs.

Something truly one of a kind! Citrine and rose cut diamonds create this striking design.


You can look into how different diamond cuts change the appearance of our ring designs to create unique aesthetics.

At Nightingale there isn’t much that we can’t achieve!

Engagement ring budget tips for Valentines day 2022

There can be a lot of pressure over Valentine’s Day to overspend on an engagement ring.

We really don’t recommend going down this route, even if you feel like it’s manageable at the time of purchase. Overspending at the very start of an engagement can often lead to the habit of continuing all the way through the process.

Instead, we like to give customers the most ring for their budget and here’s how we do it.

We prefer lab diamonds 

At the time of writing, mined diamonds are higher than usual in price because of supply issues. Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, are around 40% less for an equivalent stone. You can read our full guide here.

    We prioritise diamond qualities 

    As you probably know, diamonds are graded on the 4Cs. But depending on the ring design, each of these can have different costs associated. Using our experience we’re able to pick out the best diamond for your budget.

      That could mean lowering the carat size and using a higher grade colour because it makes the diamond appear bigger. Or it could be going down from flawless clarity, to almost flawless because it’s not noticeable to the naked eye.

      We can make a ring in whatever metal you choose

      The metal used in a ring can have a big impact on its price. Platinum and  18ct white gold are the most expensive, followed closely by yellow gold.  However with our made-to-order process, we can also make use of 9ct etc to save your budget.

      Get some more budget tips here and if you want to learn more about ring metals, look here!

      So what next?

      Feel like you're ready to pick out the perfect engagement ring? Take a look at our fully customisable collection now

      And if you feeling extra bold, why not create your own bespoke design?

      But if you're feeling slightly overwhelmed, try clicking through a few more of our guides. Or better yet, get in touch for our help! 

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