Ring Sizing Guide

Ordering the correct ring size.

The last thing we at Nightingale want is to supply a ring and at the crucial ‘down on one knee’ moment it turns out to be too large or too small.

Sometimes this is unavoidable with custom made rings especially if the ring is to be a complete surprise and the finger size has been ‘guesstimated’. If this is the case it is not a problem, Nightingale offer one adjustment free in the first three months.

Even if the finger has been measured but the ring isn’t really comfortable the same offer applies.

What is ring size?

The ring size is a measurement of the inside circumference of a ring which in turn equates to the outside circumference of your finger although  standardised systems for denoting ring size vary across the globe.

Why use a ring sizer?

When creating custom jewellery or buying from our curated collections it's important to consider that our fingers can change over time and what was comfortable a few years ago may not be quite right today. A wide ring may also need a slightly larger size than a slimmer ring as it spans a longer length of your finger.

The Nightingale UK Ring Sizer use the British Standard of 26 different ring measurements ranging from letter A to letter Z. Each size increases by increments of 1.25mm, with half sizes in between.

So – how can we help you get it right?

Just order one of our free ring sizers and measure your finger at home, or if it is more convenient visit our York showroom and have your finger professionally measured.