Meet the Nightingales

Nightingale to most evokes the image of a petit passerine bird known for its subtle colours though mostly for its powerful and beautiful song, the ‘night songstress’. In this case Nightingale refers to a unit of two people and a passion for jewellery, all that was needed for Nightingale to be born.


Introducing Stephen and Diane

Stephen Nightingale has engrossed himself in the jewellery industry for 46 years. His younger self tackled a job as a shop assistant in a jewellery store at the age of 16 and from there on Stephen has developed an extensive career in jewellery, tackling almost every role in the industry.

Diane Nightingale has been married to jewellery for the same length of time. In the beginning Diane would help Stephen revise for exams that would progress his career as a jeweller - “jewellery knowledge has seeped into me by default.”

“For Nightingale we have taken the best of the best from all over the world including designers, miners, craftsmen and scientists that culminate the very best in quality.”

The team here at Nightingale have a passion for precious jewellery that we want to share with you. We want to extend our knowledge of the amazing breadth and depth of products available today in hope that you find the one that is perfect for you. We are committed to searching for the best product from the most reliable suppliers and artisan jewellers to bring you choice, quality and value on any budget.

"Frustration with multiple markets that are margin driven made me start to think ‘how can I marry my love of jewellery (and my pretty good advice skills) to offer quality products at more affordable prices to more than just friends and family? I shall do it my own way I thought."


"When Stephen’s idea for the online store was born it was a given that we would pool our skills and knowledge to offer our customers a product and service that we would be pleased to receive ourselves."

Our Aim To Be Different

We want to offer a personalised, made to measure service that cuts out the squabble. We are doing this with a small team of passionate individuals who are here meticulously search for and present you with the best product. Finding that perfect ring will be simple and satisfying, as will the service.

We're not shy of technology

We are investing in the incredible scientific process of creating real, genetically identical to ‘natural’, certified diamonds and offering them to you.

Whether you want natural, lab, Canadian or coloured diamonds, part of our service is to provide you with the choice to ensure you meet the perfect match.

“There is a saying that you can’t be too rich or too thin, we think it is you can’t eat too much chocolate or have too much diamond jewellery. We hope you enjoy our service”