Nightingale’s Environmental Statement

Nightingale is dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing. Our reputation in the marketplace is hard-earned and will forever be important to us so we follow a strict code of conduct that satisfies both you the customer and ourselves.

Know that we will never compromise our reputation for short-term gain.

We do not purchase from unapproved distributors and will not knowingly supply goods that are produced in inhumane factory conditions.

We have particular responsibilities when it comes the sourcing of gold and diamonds. Nightingale explicitly stipulates to suppliers that they must use all available means to source their product ethically.


We subscribe to the Kimberley Process which is a joint initiative between governments, industry and society to stem the flow of conflict diamonds – rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments.

This Process uses traceability systems to ensure that rough diamonds are shipped via tamper-proof methods and are certified and labelled as conflict-free. Shipments that lack certification will be rejected or impounded. The diamonds are further protected to remain compliant as they continue their journey to market.

We insist that all our diamond and diamond jewellery suppliers have signed up to The Kimberley Process and make a statement to this effect on their supply documentation.
We in turn warrant that all diamonds we sell come from suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process


There is no scientific test available to us to determine the exact origin of fine gold, so it is difficult to offer an absolute guarantee that our gold came from an ethical source. However, be assured we do whatever we can to ensure we buy ‘Clean Gold’.

We support the “Unearth Justice” campaign, which is run by the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD).

This initiative has the support of many leading retailers and has developed a code of ethics called “The Golden Rules.” The Golden Rules call on mining companies to meet the following basic standards in their operation:

The Golden Rules

  • Respect for basic human rights outlines in international conventions and law
  • Free, prior and informed consent of affected communities
  • Safe working conditions
  • Respect for workers’ rights and labour standards (including the eight core ILOconventions)
  • Ensure that operations are not located in areas of armed or militarised conflicts
  • Ensure that projects do not force communities off their lands
  • Ensure there is no dumping of mine waste into the ocean, river, lakes or streams
  • Ensure that projects are not located in protected areas, fragile ecosystems or other areas of high conservation or ecological value
  • Ensure that projects do not generate sulphuric acid in perpetuity
  • Cover all costs of closing down and cleaning up mine sites
  • Fully disclose information about social environmental effects on projects
  • Allow independent verification of the above

The above guiding principles will ensure that basic human rights, that we possibly take for granted, are upheld whilst also ensuring that our environment is protected. We fully support the aims behind the CAFOD campaign and we ask our suppliers to confirm their awareness and ultimate compliance with this code.