About Mined Diamonds

There are many beautiful gemstones that have been created by nature and mined from the earth but it is probable that the diamond is the most well known and the one that has the most myths and legends associated with it.

Diamond, named for one of its qualities, it extreme hardness, deriving from Adamas, the Greek word meaning invincible, the diamond has become one of the most desired and prized gemstones in the world.

Over the centuries the diamond has been a symbol for, and a seal of, commitment. Nations have gifted diamonds to other nations as a measure of friendship and respect. Lovers have gifted diamonds to seal their promises to one another.

Diamonds have been prized and coveted for centuries, and until the 19th century were mainly the preserve of the rich, landed gentry or royalty.

Today however everyone can enjoy the beauty of this complex stone.

Most people have heard of the 4cs. But what are they?

They stand for

Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight.

For a first-time buyer, you might feel that you need to add a fifth C - Complicated to the list. Don't worry, we want to take the complicated out of the frame and help make purchasing your special diamond engagement ring a pleasure and you can rest assured, beautiful diamonds can fit almost any budget.